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PEtALS and Legacy System Interoperability

PEtALS and Legacy System Interoperability

The legacy system is often old computer system difficult to manage, or application program almost impossible to interact. Several Organizations, Corporates and Companies have good reasons to keep a legacy system, but the big question that often get back is:

How the new and recent systems, at the cutting edge of technology, can interact with these old legacy systems ? Many solutions were found like mainframes, EAI, Brownfield architecture …
but the subject solution for this article focus the SOA approch with PEtALS ESB.

How you can see in the following diagram PEtALS can be accessed by several binding component, like FTP, SOAP … which allowing to communicate with the bus.

For the legacy system you can develop a specific binding component, which allow the communication and interoperability between the legacy system and PEtALS. This kind of adapter allow to interact with the legacy system with PEtALS, a client, corporate … can request the legacy system by PEtALS through another protocol like SOAP, FTP …

The goal is that PEtALS provide access to this legacy system, like a available and reliable service for customer, where the service consumer will be able to interact with this legacy system thank to PEtALS anywhere on the bus.

In the future where some many differents adapters will be developed, these binding components will allowed to marshall/unmarshall differents messages exchanged between several legacy systems.

گ Agile Point of PEtALS:

allow you to provide a specific connector to interact with a specific legacy system through the bus. With these many differents connectors, you can create a very big agility to communication between several legacy systems thank to PEtALS.

Schema : PEtALS and Legacy System Interoperability

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