samedi 16 janvier 2010

First Draft Architecture

For one of my project, I designed this architectural scheme. I love take my pencil and think on paper ...

In order to provide a packaged software for an association, I started thinking about the architecture of the application on paper.

This following drawing is my first idea and my view of the deployment on association's network (click on the picture in order to display it fully):

The first part of my drawing, is the Server 1 where are hosted the database, several Hibernate entities, and the core of my architecture --> the JMX server.

The JMX  server allow to expose through the network several services as Managed Beans

I will explain afterwhy this choice !

On Server 2  a web server like Tomcat, Jetty, ... is deployed. But why not a Glassfish, JBoss, Websphere ... ? Because, I needn't an heavy application server (for example in order to use EJB, JMS ...)

We can just found my web application deployed on the web server, and a linked JMX Connector that allows the web app to use the differents services, deployed on the first server.

The web server will allow to deploy the web app of the association, on the world wide web.

Now  return to our sheep ! Why did I use JMX Managed Bean instead EJBs, RMI objects, ... ?

I simply preferred publish all services on network as Managed Beans instead EJBs, because my services are wrapped with JMX layer and allow me to manage, monitor, change dynamically the behavior of my these !

Because this application can evolve quickly, it's a good point to allow change, remove, add components at the runtime.

Wrappe my services with managed beans allow to me to generate statistics on each service and notify dysfunction.

Another interesting point is that JMX can explose your MBean with RMI but also HTML thank to HTML adapter, IIOP adapter and several other with MX4J adapters.

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