jeudi 28 janvier 2010

OpenSUIT Maven Dependencies

In order to use OpenSUIT in your project as a presentation framework, and if your project is "mavenised"

Please use the 1.0 Version, because is now available !

To use OpenSUIT base core, just insert these three dependencies:

The last two dependencies are required, because OpenSUIT core is based on XMLMap annotations method for the XML binding to HTML components.

If you need display several chart in your application, please use OpenSUIT chart module !
Based on JFreeChart, you can set this dependency in your pom.xml:

artifactId: opensuit-chart
groupId: org.ow2.opensuit 
version: 1.0

For the Spring users, you can easily integrate Spring and OpenSUIT, thank to this dependency:

artifactId: opensuit-spring
groupId: org.ow2.opensuit 
version: 1.0


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