samedi 16 janvier 2010

SSC "Simple Security Checking"

I've had enough, of all these articles which tell you about how this technology works, or how to install a web server on a network for example ... it's really boring with time !

For this article I will show you, although this is a rudimentary subject it can become a point of failure in critical architecture ! 

Because nowadays, developpers don't pay attention to these notions of algorithmic, I'm rubbing slat into the wound, mouhaha !

But what it is ? The validation of input parameters, simply ...

I think several developpers can do this type of error, and with that can bring down an entire system !

You don't believe it ? Let me introduce to you a critical context, for example a calculating system for trajectory embedded in a space shuttle, spaceship ...

One method used in order to calculate the trajectory is the following:

Imagine, if the "updateTarget" method, calculates the new trajectory with the "distortion" parameter with its value set to 0 ?

Imagine, the beautifil memory leak, error, exception ... that can cause ! For this context, just a disfunction of the calculating system of trajectory, and lead to the "destruction, alteration, damage, deterioration, mischief, loss, devastation ..." of the space shuttle.

In this article I trying just to remember to you, that simple little things must be taken seriously in critical environment, because the security architecture can be impacted ...

I give you, though it should be done :) 

The input parameters checking !

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