mercredi 7 avril 2010

Good perf for this beginning of the year

I'm very happy, monday I finally chained "Watrou Watrou" the Bonrepaux 7C+ route !

I'm very happy because, this route asked me several working days in order to perfectly memorize all hard moves for me ...

This performance raise my motivation for this year :-)


vendredi 2 avril 2010

An idea takes shape in my head

During the reading of Martin Fowler article on InfoQ:

A good idea  rose in my head, related to the topic
that I wanted handle for my master's degree (memory)

My goal  was to write my memory on W3C WCAG but not

 allowed for the moment ...

But what's WCAG : Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

It's a requirement, specification, ... ?

No ! just a guidelines document, which explain according to the current date
and available web technologies like HTML, CSS, ... how to make the content
of Web more accessible to disabled persons

subject that I really care about it, in my heart, because bring up more accessible
Web Content for deaf-blind person, visual deficiencies, physical disabilities ...
is a very beautiful topic.

In this article Martin Fowler perform the following request for given doctor resource:

     POST POST /doctors/mjones HTTP/1.1

     <openSlotRequest date = "2010-01-04"/>

And the returned response, provide each available slot as a directly addressable resource:

     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
       <slot id = "1234" doctor = "mjones" start = "1400" end = "1450"/>
       <slot id = "5678" doctor = "mjones" start = "1600" end = "1650"/>

In order to provide a better accessibility to blind person, visual deficiencies, ...
I suggest several xml additional attributes like "description", but why ?

For a pretty purpose, allow like a talking web browser (allows blind people to interact with the WorldWideWeb), a describable REST service thank to "description" attribute. This describable REST service would allow to describe
the returned response to a blind person.

     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
       <slot id = "1234" doctor = "mjones" start = "1400" end = "1450"
          description="Available appointment with MJones doctor
          with the slot 2PM to 2:50PM"/>
       <slot id = "5678" doctor = "mjones" start = "1600" end = "1650"
          description="Available appointment with MJones doctor
          with the slot 4PM to 4:50PM"/>      </openSlotList>

isn't it beautiful, for a blind person ? It just only needs a engine to read this REST service description